Breakdowns cost your business thousands of dollars in lost production and idle staff and in some cases can lead to dangerous situations that affect the safety of your workers. That is why it’s critical to the business that maintenance and repairs are carried out regularly by specialist electricians and mechanical fitters who can quickly identify and repair any problems.

You need 24/7 breakdown support and you need regular scheduled maintenance support to meet your obligations of compliance to the Australian Standards (AS 2550-2011 & AS 1418-2011).

EMS has a large fleet of well equipped vehicles manned by skilled and experienced servicemen for onsite servicing and repair and we offer 24 hour breakdown support. EMS is a totally independent company and we service all manner of cranes and equipment.

EMS also offers Scheduled Maintenance which ensures your cranes and equipment continue to operate reliably saving your company time and money. EMS uses the latest computer technology to manage these schedules for you and ensures that you have the correctly certified and qualified serviceman for the job as well as any specialized equipment or access platforms.

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